Full/Part Rewire

Full/Part Rewire 



Are you thinking of having your home rewired?


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Full Rewire

A full house rewire is a substantial job but largely beneficial in updating your homes electrics to meet current regulations and more importantly, safety standards. A full rewire will also make the electrical wiring in your home more capable of meeting today's demands of modern electrical appliances.



What is involved in a Full House Rewire?

A full house rewire involves the replacement of old, dangerous or non-compliant electrical cables, fittings and distribution boards (fuse boxes).


 Part Rewire

A part rewire could mean a number of different things from upgrading your current fuse box, fittings or cables to replacing a complete section of an existing installations.


A part rewire will update your homes wiring making it more efficient and also meet today’s current electrical regulations.


Using Qualified Electricians In Mansfield.

Safe Home Electrical Services are highly experienced in this type of electrical work using only fully qualified electricians, giving customers the reassurance that the job is completed to the highest standard first time for the right price.

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